Our Brand.

A brand where you're free to be beautiful and be confident no matter where you are on your hair journey--Beauty Express' products were created with all textures and hair types in mind--from wavy, to curly, to kinky and coily. These paraben-free and sulfate-free products are known to repair damage, restore hair follicles from root to shaft, maintain and lock in moisture, increase manageability, and aid in healthy hair growth.

  • I use the growth oil 3 times a week under my wig, and after a month I took the braids out and was sending pictures to everyone showing them how much my hair grew!

    - T. Gordon

  • From November to January, after using the growth elixir, my hair is fuller and its growing so fast.

    - F. Kriss

  • Success = Protective Style + BE growth oil! 3 months and my fro has grown so much closer to God!

    - S. Foy