Our Brand.

A brand where you're free to be beautiful and be confident no matter where you are on your hair journey--Beauty Express' products were created with all textures and hair types in mind--from wavy, to curly, to kinky and coily. These paraben-free and sulfate-free products are known to repair damage, restore hair follicles from root to shaft, maintain and lock in moisture, increase manageability, and aid in healthy hair growth.

Meet the CEO.

Beauty Express was founded in 2019 by Dacii Hossanah, a young black woman and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Her hair journey began at the age of 7 years old, when she started braiding her own hair for school every week. The journey continued on through her earlier years of college, where she braided on the side to help pay her college tuition. In 2016 after realizing the potential she had with braiding, she withdrew from college, quit her full time job, and started her own business as a Mobile Hairstylist. With only the lifetime experience of her own hair under her belt, she began to study and acquire more knowledge through her client's different hair types and textures. This then lead to the creation of her own growth concoction. After years of testing it on her clients and receiving great feedback, in 2018, what we now know as the Beauty Express Growth Elixir was born. In 2019 the brand expanded to a complete product line.

  • I use the growth oil 3 times a week under my wig, and after a month I took the braids out and was sending pictures to everyone showing them how much my hair grew!

    - T. Gordon

  • From November to January, after using the growth elixir, my hair is fuller and its growing so fast.

    - F. Kriss

  • Success = Protective Style + BE growth oil! 3 months and my fro has grown so much closer to God!

    - S. Foy